Steering & Suspension

We provide you with high-end car steering and suspension parts to keep your car driving smoothly and precisely.

Steering & Suspension


Steering & Suspension systems is an essential part of the vehicle’s chassis that work with other components to provide a safe and comfortable ride. Your automobile performance relies not only on your motor horsepower, but also on your steering and suspension systems. All the power generated by a piston engine is unserviceable if the driver cannot control his/her car. The steering system works with the suspension system to provide directional control with comfortable amount of steering effort. Möller took the responsibility to provide you with high quality of Rack-and-Pinion steering and Recirculating Ball steering

systems. Besides, the suspension system supports the vehicle, allowing the wheels to move smoothly over disproportions in the road. Möller provides you with quality suspension system parts including springs, shocks, ball joints, steering knuckles, and spindles or axles. We aim at providing our clients with the best MacPherson strut suspension and the short/long arm (SLA) suspension at affordable prices. We guarantee top quality of steering and suspension systems ensuring maximum driving comfort.


Steering System Types

Rack-and-Pinion Steering

  • Its weight is light. Hence, it reduces the overall weight of the speed machine.

  • It gives a better 'road feel'.

  • Its maintenance cost is affordable.

  • It is easy to operate due to good degree of efficiency.

  • The tie rods can be joined directly to the steering rack.

  • It has minimal steering elasticity compliance.

  • It is compact.

  • The idler and the intermediate rod are no longer needed.

Recirculating Ball Steering

  • It can be used on rigid axles.

  • It has the ability to transform high forces.

  • It gives the possibility to use long steering arms.

  • It gives the possibility to design tie rods of any length desired and to have kinematics that allow to increase in the overall steering ratio iS with increasing steering angles.


Suspension System Types

MacPherson Strut Suspension

  • Its system is very simple.

  • It requires less components since the upper control arm is entirely eliminated.

  • It is cost-effective.

Short/Long Arm (SLA) Suspension

  • It has an independent design that allows any wheel to adapt to any road imperfections.

  • It is characterized by camber control, turning geometry and lower component package height.